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Spanish Classes with Lola Gómez

Prepare for your Spanish exam

My online Spanish classes are designed for your needs. I will help you prepare for your Spanish exam:

You will pass your Spanish exam and improve your grades with these classes. I am a DELE examiner, so I am able to enhance your strenghts and improve the rest of your skills.

We will work especially on your grammar, writing, comprehension, listening and the oral test. We will use different techniques and resources to ensure you are understanding the agenda. In addition, we will also use examples to put grammar into context.

Motivation is the key to learning. In my online Spanish lessons I will make sure you are comfortable and confidence so you will improve your learning by practicing it. Practice makes perfect!

Individual, exclusive and personalized online classes
Spanish Classes with Lola Gómez

Spanish for children and teenagers

The online Spanish classes for children and teenagers are oriented towards a more playful, didactic and fun way of learning. However, even in this way they will be able to learn Spanish online in a complete way.

As an online Spanish tutor, I will use materials that suit the needs of the student. Some examples of age-appropiate materials such as songs, flashcards, stories, interactive resources, rockalingua, linguascope, wordwall, gimkit or kahoot, among others.

3 Years teaching online
Spanish Classes with Lola Gómez

Spanish conversation and writing classes online

Let’s chat and put your grammar into practice.

One of the most popular options as an online Spanish tutor are conversation classes. These classes are suitable for students who already have some level, as you need a minimum level to communicate. Therefore, we could talk about advanced Spanish classes.

You will improve your Spanish by learning vocabulary, expressions, customs and culture. In addition, we will work on your grammas as you need it.

The development of my online Spanish conversation classes will be adapted to your needs:

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